An Action a Day
Keeps Global Capitalism Away

Hudema, Mike
Publisher:  Between the Lines, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  2004
Pages:  132pp   ISBN:  1-896357-90-3
Library of Congress Number:  HN17.5.H78 2004   Dewey:  361.2'3
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6714

In this brief compilation, Mike Hudema presents fifty-two acts to change the world. The actions are directed towards garnering public attention and instigating discussion. With a little creativity, they can be tailored to suit a wide spectrum of causes.

Each action is rated for its level of fun, risk, and necessary resources. More timid advocates can read up on Lobbying and Letter-writing, while experienced and daring activists could try Bring Your Own Security or Soapboxing. The variety of actions, from the timeless (Candlelight Vigil or Boycotts) to the unusual (Wrestling Match or Corporate Aid Concert), ensures that there is a suggestion to fit any occasion or group.

Aimed at attracting the media, the actions are often dramatic and highly visual. Hudema proposes ways for activists to have fun, draw support, and defuse tension during actions, such as in Radical Cheerleading. He encourages activists to build community involvement in their actions through participatory demonstrations (Mural Painting By Number, for instance).

Throughout the book, tips are offered regarding practical considerations for planning and undertaking actions. This advice is complemented by a helpful primer, Things to Think About and Discuss Before Taking Action, as well as a short appendix and list of additional resources. Seasoned activists are sure to find a fresh take on a classic exploit, but newcomers to the activism scene are those who would benefit most from this fun, creative resource.

[Abstract by Tara McElroy]

Table of Contents


Things to Think about and Discuss before Taking Action

1. Radical Cheerleading
2. Radiohead
3. Sidewalk-Chalking
4. Soapboxing
5. What Will You Work For?
6. Corporate Welfare
7. The Buddha Walk
8. Critical Mass
9. Reclaim the Streets
10. Information Booth
11. Voicing Homelessness
12. Fishing in the Sewers
13. Gas Mask Car-Shopping
14. Radioactive Garbage-Picking
15. Corporate Aid Concert
16. Giant Cheques
17. Watching TV?
18. Alarm Clock Wake-Up
19. Time for a Funeral
20. Die-In or Sleep-In
21. Billboard Liberation
22. Stop Sign Reclamation
23. Out of Order
24. Tent-In
25. T-Shirt-Making (Ask me about East Timor)
26. Mock Protests
27. Pie-slinging
28. Puppet-Making
29. Same-Sex Kissing Booth
30. Bring Your Own Security
31. Earboy
32. Media Hoax
33. Candlelight Vigil
34. Plant-In/Guerrilla Gardening
35. War of the Corporations Radio Play
36. Wrestling Match
37. The Power of Song
38. Mural Painting by Number
39. Garden Car
40. Singing Trees
41. Corporate Whore
42. Lobbying
43. Letter-writing, Petitions, and Writing Ladders
44. Create a Zine
45. Boxes of Apathy
46. Free Stores
47. Corporate Crime Fighters
48. Boycotts
49. Edible Ballots
50. Mock Awards
51. Occupations
52. Blockades

Appendix: Ten Commandments for Changing the World
Additional Resources
Field Notes

Subject Headings

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