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Appeasing the Mountain Bikers
Vandeman, Michael J.
Just because someone is able to purchase a machine that lets them ride off-road, that is no reason that the public should be required to provide them a place to use it.
Bicycle Use Booming in Latin America
Gutiérrez, Estrella
“I ride 43 km a day and I love it,” said Carlos Cantor in Bogotá, Colombia. “Five years ago I switched my car for a bike,” explained Tomás Fuenzalida from Santiago, Chile. They are both part of the bu...
Clothing-optional bike ride: Wikipedia article
A clothing-optional bike ride is a cycling event in which nudity is permitted or expected. There are many clothing-optional cycling events around the world. Some rides are political, recreational, art...
Critical Mass: Connexipedia Article
A bicycling event typically held on the last Friday of every month.
Critical Mass, Conflicts involving: Connexipedia Article
Bicycling events resulting in arrests or requiring police presence. Critics claim that Critical Mass, a bicycling advocacy event held primarily in large metropolitan cities, is a deliberate attempt to...
Equal Access to Our Parks for Bulldozer Racing
Vandeman, Michael J.
Tthere have been some problems, such as some people riding recklessly, going off the designated trails, and even secretly constructing illegal trails. But those are a small minority of bulldozer rider...
Facility of the Month
A regular photo feature on the Warrington Cycle Campaign's Web site, featuring photos some of the worst and most bizarre examples of 'bicycle lanes' to be found.
Gute Argumente: Verkehr
Seifried, Dieter
Informiert anschaulich and sachlich über die Grundlagen des Verkehrssystems, über the Hintergründe der auto-orientierten Gesleeschaft und uber unweltschonende und wirtschaflich vorteilhafte Alternativ...
The Impacts of Mountain Biking on Wildlife and People: A Review of the Literature
Vandeman, Michael J.
It is clear that mountain biking is harmful to some wildlife and people. No one, even mountain bikers, tries to deny that. Bikes create V-shaped ruts in trails, throw dirt to the outside on turns, cru...
Mountain Biking: Frequently Asked Questions
Vandeman, Michael J.
Why do people mountain bike, and what harms does it do?
New Options for America
Satin, Mark
Pedalling Upwind: Why Halting Highway Construction Belongs on the Bicyclist's Agenda
Roads are at the crux of almost every current environmental problem, and hence, halting the expansion of the highway system (and other parts of our auto-dependent culture) is one of the most effectiv...
Places in Need - Mountain Bike Damage
Trails are easily and seriously degraded by mountain bike use - especially when those bikes are ridden on wet or muddy trail.
The Psychology of Mountain Biking
Vandeman, Michael J.
The first thing one notices about mountain bikers is that they lie continually.
Trail Damage Caused by Irresponsible Mountain Bikers
McCree, Keith and Barbra
The damage caused by each mountain biker is much greater than that caused by a hiker, firstly because of the extra weight of the bike, and secondly because the soil is impacted continuously along the ...
Transport Policy and the Environment: Six Case Studies
Barde, Jean-Philippe; Button, Kenneth
Why Off-Road Bicycling Should be Prohibited: The Effects of Mountain Biking on Wildlife and People
Vandeman, Michael J.
To most environmentalists, bicycles have always been the epitome of good. We are so used to comparing bikes to cars, that it never occurred to us that the bicycle would be ever used for anything bad. ...
World Naked Bike Ride: Connexipedia Article
International clothing-optional bike ride.

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Bikes Without Borders
Bikes Without Borders is a Canadian organization using bikes and bike-related solutions as a tool for development in marginalized communities. Bikes Without Borders serves marginalized communities in ...
British Columbia Cycling Coalition
The purpose of the BCCC is to represent the interests of cyclists provincially and to secure their recognition in policy and programs affecting transportational cycling.

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How Amsterdam became the bicycle capital of the world
Mead, Nick
The author provides an overview of how bicycle use has monopolized the streets in Amsterdam to create an overall safer and environmentally city.
Only 100 cyclists...
Diemer, Ulli
A news article reports that a woman riding her bicycle was seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver in Halton, a regional municipality west of Toronto. But, hey, no big deal.

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