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American Folksong Woody Guthrie
Guthrie, Woody; (edited by Moses Asch)
Anti-Nuke Songs
Stoody, Jan
A collection of anti-uranium and anti-nuclear songs.
Comrade's Socialist Songbook
Revolutionary and trade union songs, mostly from the The Socialist Songbook.
Never Say This is the Final Road for You
Paul Robeson’s rendition (in Yiddish) of Zog Nit Keynol, often called the song of the Warsaw Ghetto.
The Raging Grannies
Brightwell, Betty
We sing satire. We aren't very good at singing, but the medium being the message, as grannies in bright colourful clothes fashionable a couple of generations ago, and wearing smiles, outrageous hats a...
Rise Up Singing
Blood-Patterson, Peter
There was a time when singing was a part of everyday life. Rise Up Singing was compiled to help bring song back into our lives, and especially to bring singing more strongly into the movement for soc...
Socialist and Labor Songs: An International Revolutionary Songbook
Morgan, Elizabeth (ed.); Preface by Utah Phillips
Seventy-seven songs -- with words and sheet music -- of solidarity, revolt, humor, and revolution.

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Tales of Music and the Brain
Sacks, Oliver
Oliver Sacks explores the place music occupies in the brain and how it affects the human condition. In Musicophilia, he examines the power of music through the individaul experiences of patients, musi...
The Human Significance of the Skin
Montagu, Ashley
An analysis of the skin regarded as a sense organ rather than as a simple bodily covering.