Fundraising For Social Change

Klein, Kim
Publisher:  Cardon Press
Year Published:  1988
Pages:  355pp   ISBN:  ISBN - 0-9620222-3-3
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3336

FUNDRAISING FOR SOCAL CHANGE is a well-organized informative guide to one of the key, but much-feared, tasks of all social change groups: getting money. The chapter on how to begin outlines the principals of fundraising (appealing to self-interest, developing a diversity of sources, anyone can learn to do fundraising) and then goes on to discuss how to make a case for your organization and how to plan your fundraising. The role of the Board of Directors is emphasized. Then Klein deals with the methods and mechanics of fundraising, including raising money by mail, fundraising by telephone, canvassing, and selling products. The organization of fundraising campaigns, including "major gifts" campaigns, is covered in detail. The section of fundraising management, which covers topics such as record-keeping and surveying, is full of useful organizaitonal advice. Several successful fundraising campaigns are described and analyzed.

Subject Headings

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