Herr Eugen Duhring's Revolution in Science

Engels, Friedrich
Year Published:  1878
Pages:  365pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7900


Table of Contents


I. General
II. What Herr Duhring Promises

Part I: Philosophy
III. Classification. Apriorism
IV. World Schematism
V. Natural Philosophy. Time and Space
VI. Natural Philosophy. Cosmogony, Physics, Chemistry
VII. Natural Philosophy. The Organic World
VIII. Natural Philosophy. The Organic World (Conclusion)
IX. Morality and Law. Eternal Truths
X. Morality and Law. Equality
XI. Morality and Law. Freedom and Necessity
XII. Dialectics. Quantity and Quality
XIII. Dialectics. Negation of the Negation
XIV. Conclusion

Part II: Political Economy
I. Subject Matter and Method
II. The Force Theory
III. The Force Theory (Continuation)
IV. The Force Theory (Conclusion)
V. Theory of Value
VI. Simple and Compound Labour
VII. Capital and Surplus Value
VIII. Capital and Surplus Value (Conclusion)
IX. Natural Laws of Economics.
X. From The Critical History

Part III. Socialism
I. Historical
II. Theoretical
III. Production
IV. Distribution
V. State, Family, Education


Subject Headings

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