Uncertainty shapes immigrant life in the United States

Chávez, Armando

Publisher:  Latin American Press
Date Written:  04/12/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21951

Immigrants in the United States without legal residency or who were admitted on a temporary basis feel that their lives have become much more complicated in 2017 because of the current Republican administration's intention to expel thousands of Latin Americans even though they are successfully integrated into the local economy and have no criminal record.



In that sense, the steps of the administration are being made public in the midst of a frayed social scenario and bursts of tweets from the president, while some people criticize them for being populist gestures to please an electorate that rejects the advancement of minorities, defends a purely Anglo-Saxon hegemony, and blames immigrants for abusing social assistance programs, committing crimes, not paying taxes, and not integrating linguistically.

Rare is the day when the media do not report incidents revealing the distressing circumstances of migrants in an irregular situation: some have chosen to miss medical appointments for fear of being detained in clinics and hospitals; many avoid reporting hazards or risks in their communities; many have sought refuge in religious temples and some have committed suicide after being expelled to Mexico.

Trump’s pledges during the election campaign that his migration initiatives would focus on expelling criminals to improve internal security have long been left behind.

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