Immigration to United States

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Bringing the Battlefield to the Border: The Wild World of Border Security and Boundary Building in Arizona
Miller, Todd
The U.S.-Mexican border has not only become Ground Zero for every experiment in immigration enforcement and drug interdiction, but also the incubator, testing site, showcase, and staging ground for ev...
Challenging Kim Moody: Against The Current vol. 130
Friedman, Michael
Two reports challenge Kim Moody’s assertion (“Immigrant Workers in the United States,”Part 1, ATC 127) that “[t]he claim is raised by some that the rapid growth of immigrant Latinos in the workforce h...
David Roediger's Working Toward Whiteness: Against The Current vol. 125
Poitevin, René Francisco
A disturbing aftermath of the pro-immigrant demonstrations recently held in dozens of cities across the United States, besides the obvious anti-immigrant backlash, has been the increase in Black/Brown...
The Flood From the North: Washington's Role in Triggering the Child Migrant Crisis
Best, Xavier
International law and basic morality demand that the children of Central America are treated with the care and dignity that they and previous generations have been robbed under several decades of US f...
A Gran Marcha and Beyond: Against The Current vol. 122
The Editors
March, 2006 marked an eruption that hit the streets, showed its strength, and took everyone including its participants by surprise. Millions marched all over the country: 300,000 in Chicago, 50,000 i...
How Private Prisons Game the Immigration System
Fang, Lee
With huge profits at stake, CCA and the Geo Group are pushing discreetly for enforcement-heavy immigration reform.
The Huguenots in America: A Refugee People in New World Society
Butler, Jon
The story of Huguenot exiles and their failure to maintain religious and social distinctiveness in the diaspora.
"Illegals" of the World Unite?: Against The Current vol. 141
Murray, Star; Williams, Charles
An interview with David Bacon.
Immigrant Students and Workers Take to the Streets: Outpouring in Chicago: Against The Current vol. 122
Feinberg, Joseph Grim
In late February, word began to spread around Chicago about a protest against HR 4437, a bill passed by the House of Representatives to criminalize undocumented immigration, as well as aid given to un...
Immigrant Workers in the United States (Part 1): Against The Current vol. 127
Moody, Kim
The rise of mass immigration in much of the developed world began its acceleration with the global economic crisis of the 1970s. A deepening crisis of profitability; the collapse of the Bretton Woods ...
Legalize Free Movement of Labor: Viewing A National Debate: Against The Current vol. 123
Miah, Malik
The immigration debate is exposing deep social, racial and class divisions within American society. The arguments are sharp, furious and divide many families - immigrant as well as native born.
Living "Illegal": The Human Face of Unauthorized Immigration
Marquart, Marie Friedmann; Steigenga; Williams;, Philip J.; Vasquez, Manuel A.
Politics of Terror and Scandal
SCENARIO: AGAINST THE background of a depression in Japan, the economic collapse of Russia and stock market crashes on three continents, a United States president facing imminent expulsion from office...
A Primer on Immigrant Rights
Vargas, Zaragosa
The struggle for immigrant rights is one of the most important struggles of our time, and it occurs under a working-class banner.
Uncertainty shapes immigrant life in the United States
Chávez, Armando
Immigrants in the United States without legal residency or who were admitted on a temporary basis feel that their lives have become much more complicated in 2017 because of the current Republican admi...
When Human Beings Are Illegal: Against The Current vol. 136
Rachleff, Peter
Once the government assumes the task of separating citizens from "impossible subjects," historian Mae Ngai points out, "the border" is everywhere, not just between countries. Thus, the border has come...
The Writings of David Roediger
Horowitz, Roger
Roediger criticizes Marxists for too often reducing racial discrimination to conflicts over resources, such as jobs or housing, that are manipulated by a society's upper classes in order to divert att...

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Made in America
An Informal History of the English Language in the United States
Bryson, Bill
A history of American English.

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