At the Source
Volume 1, Number 1 - Periodical profile published 1980

Publisher:  Occupational Health & Safety Training Centre, Ontario Fedeartion of Labour, Don Mills, Canada
Year Published:  1980
Pages:  6pp   Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX2075

See also CX2090.

At the source is a newsletter produced by the Occupational Health and Safety Training Centre of the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL). The purpose of the newsletter is to "provide a forum for on-going education and communication" for workers in Ontario interested and involved in health and safety. More specifically it "will update the OFL's health and safety training manual, review articles of interest in scientific journals, report on legislative or regulatory changes, and keep readers in touch with events and issues in health and safety in Ontario and elsewhere."

The first issue features a summary of the rights of workers under the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation of the Ontario Government. It also contains updates on events and reports in the effort to identify and control the hazards of a variety of substances such as asbestos, silica, cotton dust and beryllium.

Subject Headings

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