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Blasted in a West Virginia Mine
Ely, Mike
Conditions in the mines are caused by capitalism. The 25 dead miners in the latest mine disaster in West Virginia are dead because union-busting and the disregard of safety precautions for the sake of...
A Brief History of the Medical Reform Group
Guyatt, Gord
Covers the year 1979 - 1994.
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
CCOHS promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing information and advice about occupational health and safety.
Connexions Library: Health Focus
Selected articles, books, websites and other resources on health.
Connexions Library: Work Focus Page
Selected articles, books, websites and other resources on work.
Day of Mourning
Death in a New York Food Sweatshop: The Killing of Juan Baten
Gross, Daniel
For thousands of recent immigrants, the eastern section of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is where you go to find work in food processing and distribution factories that service many of New York City's marke...
Dying Hard: The Ravages of Industrial Carnage
Leyton, Elliot
A shocking and indignant challenge to the conscience and humanity not just of Canada but of all nations, an outraged cry of protest and concern of workers victimized alike throughout the modern world.
Former Cleanup Workers Blame Illnesses on Toxic Coal Ash Exposures
Lombardi, Kristen
There have been numerous cases of workers getting sick after exposure to ash.
Hazards of Work: How to Fight Them
Kinnersly, Patrick
A web portal featuring information and resources about health, with articles, documents, books, websites, and experts and spokespersons. The home page features a selection of recent and important arti...
More chance of dying from work than going to war
Going to war may seem one of the most hazardous ordeals on the planet, but perhaps not. The International Labor Organization (ILO) says there is more chance of dying from work than fighting for your c...
Steiner, Edie (Director)
A touching look back at the director's father, Albert Steiner, and his life as a miner. Detailing his death, caused by working in the mine and the reality of getting compensation from mining companies...
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - September 4, 2014
Diemer, Ulli (editor); Khan, Tahmid (production)
Information about the Connexions Alternative Media List and the Labor Film Archive. Articles on corporations spying on non-profits, workplace deaths, Monsanto and Ukraine, and liberal environmentalism...
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter June 26, 2017: Public Safety
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
The June 26, 2017 issue of Other Voices, the Connexions newsletter is about public safety.
Playing with our Health: Hazards in the Automated Office
Cohen, Marcy and White, Margaret
Social Determinants of Health: Canadian Perspectives
Raphael, Dennis (ed.)
The social determinants of health are summarized and analyzed by over 30 medical and social academics.
Submission to the Hon. Dr. Bette Stephenson, Minister of Labour, Concerning Proposed Occupational Safety and Health: Legislation for the Province of Ontario.
A letter regarding workplace safety in Canada. The letter discusses Canada's relative lack of legilsation that promote preventative safety measures in the workplace.
US farm fatalities: An unpublicized epidemic
Spencer, Naomi
Hundreds of agricultural workers, including many child labourers, die in farming accidents across the US each year. With an official workplace fatality rate of more than 21 per 100,000, farming is the...
The Whack 'Em and Stack 'Em Mentality of American Cops: Killers on the Road
St. Clair, Jeffrey; Cockburn, Alexander
Killings by police are not a negligible proportion of the United States' firearms death toll. The public apprehension that cops are often borderline psychotic, hair-trigger-ready to open fire on the s...
Why truck driving is one of the deadliest jobs in America
Veronese, Keith
What incredibly important profession combines horrible hours, bad pay, and a poor lifestyle? Truck driving. This is a job that destroys so many lives that it could soon become unsustainable.
Why Workplace "Accidents" Happen: Safety Costs Money
Macaray, David
Many industrial and manufacturing companies resort to almost any means (some of them not entirely legal) to dissuade employees from joining a union because besides having to offer higher wages and imp...
A Working-Class Hero Is Something To Be: Against The Current vol. 133
Early, Steve
As a 35-year veteran of union activity in America, I can personally attest that Tony Mazzocchi of the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers (OCAW) was a rare bird, perhaps the last of his kind.

Connexions Directory of Groups & Websites

Canadian Injured Workers Alliance
CIWA/ACVAMT conducts research and shares information about the experiences of injured and disabled workers. We share information regionally and nationally with our members, the public and the media. O...
Non-Smokers' Rights Association
To eliminate the discomfort, disease and risk of premature death caused by environmental tobacco smoke. As a preventive approach, the NSRA is committed to eliminating the tobacco epidemic through the ...
Ontario Federation of Labour
The Ontario Federation of Labour speaks for 650,000 organized workers in Canada's most populous province. It provides its affiliated municipal Labour Councils and local unions with services in commun...
Planetary Association for Clean Energy
International, independent collaborative advanced scientific thinking network. Facilitates implementation of clean science & technology. Current thrusts: electromagnetic fields in housing, ELF bioeffe...
Prevent Cancer Now
To build and sustain a Canada-wide movement that generates both the resolve and action required to eliminate preventable causes of cancer.
Workers' Health and Safety Centre
The Workers Centre is playing a significant role in transforming workplace health and safety in Ontario. Our training programs and support services equip workers with the knowledge and skills to ident...

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BP oil spill: Concerns for long-term health of workers 4 years later
33,000 involved in study examining oil spill related health effects.
Occupational hygiene
Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia
Occupational hygiene is generally defined as the art and science dedicated to the Anticipation, Recognition, Evaluation, Communication and Control of environmental stressors in, or arising from, the w...

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At the Source
Volume 1, Number 1 - Periodical profile published 1980
Serial Publication (Periodical)
See also CX2090.
Toronto Occupational Health Resource Committee
Organization profile published 1984
Windsor Occupational Health and Safety (WOSH) Council
Organization profile published 1980
Women and Occupational Health Conference
In October, 1980, 120 women gathered to discuss their common concern for the health of women in the workplace.
Women's Action on Occupational Health
Organization profile published 1980