Failure To Quit

Zinn, Howard

Date Written:  13/09/2016
Year Published:  2016   First Published:  1990
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20192

Zinn argues that pessimism over the so-called 'me generation' apparent apathy was unfounded, and that activist ideals do consistently carry over across generations.




We hear many glib dismissals of today's college students as being totally preoccupied with money and self. In fact, there is much concern among students with their economic futures - evidence of the failure of the economic system to provide for the young, more than a sign of their indifference to social injustice. But the past few years have seen political actions on campuses all over the country. For 1986 alone, a partial list shows: 182 students, calling for divestment from South Africa, arrested at the University of Texas; a black-tie dinner for alumni at Harvard called off after a protest on South African holdings; charges dropped against 49 Wellesley protesters after half the campus boycotted classes in support; and more protests recorded at Yale, Wisconsin, Louisville, San Jose, Columbia.

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