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Purpose: Zatoun is a NGO which brings fair trade olive oil from occupied Palestine. It highlights the plight of Palestinian farmers and the destruction of their livelihood. Olive oil is a basic food which reminds us of our common humanity and the need for justice and peace. "Zatoun" is the Arabic for "olive." Zatoun is available through a network of social activists, grassroots organizations, student and faith-based groups as well as unions.

Activities/Services: Education, Speakers

Founded: 2004

Geographic Scope: International

Highlights: Palestine Peace Awareness Inc. is a registered non-profit organization. Proceeds are used to directly benefit Palestinian farmers and children living in occupied Palestine and to create awareness for peace in Palestine. The name "Zatoun" could not be registered because the legal name of a non-profit must reflect its purpose. However, Zatoun continues as our trade name because it speaks to people through its Arabic character and direct translation to the word "olive".

Languages: English

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Structure: Directors, Non-Profit
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