Traffic Control

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Air safety pinned on isolated controllers
Lin, Htun
The problem of acute fatigue among air traffic controllers has been known. It was studied by sleep scientists genuinely concerned about the workers and public safety. Studies have shown that the kind ...
Gute Argumente: Verkehr
Seifried, Dieter
Informiert anschaulich and sachlich über die Grundlagen des Verkehrssystems, über the Hintergründe der auto-orientierten Gesleeschaft und uber unweltschonende und wirtschaflich vorteilhafte Alternativ...
Speed Up Rush to nowhere How turbo-capitalism eats time: New Internationalist March 2002
Serial Publication (Periodical)
A look into the act of speeding up time and rushing to accomplish tasks and its consequences.
The Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream
Duany, Andres; Plater-Zyberk; Elizabeth, Speck, Jeff
The choice is ours: either a society of homogeneous pieces, isolated from one another in often fortified enclaves, or a society of diverse and memorable neighbourhoods, organized into mutually support...
Transport Policy and the Environment: Six Case Studies
Barde, Jean-Philippe; Button, Kenneth

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The Countdown Clock Law is Ridiculous, and so is the Police Pedestrian Blitz
The pedestrian countdown clock law shows what's wrong with Toronto's approach to road issues.
Bowerman, Glyn
The Highway Traffic Act is a foolish law, and this crackdown is antithetical to council’s stated goals. Rather than wasting police resources on enforcing it, we should be appealing to the province to ...

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