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Arumer Zwarte Hoop: Connexipedia Article
An army of peasant rebels in Friesland fighting the Dutch authorities from 1515 to 1523.
Bacon's Rebellion: Connexipedia Article
An uprising in which poor whites and poor blacks united against Natives.
Battleship Potemkin: Connexipedia Article
A Russian ship on which the crew rebelled against their oppressive officers in June 1905 (during the Russian Revolution of 1905).
The Black Student Rebellion of 1976
Nieftagodien, Noor
A defining feature of the 1976 uprising was the decisive entry of black students onto the stage of history. Until the 1960s, the number of Africans in schools remained relatively low. But the urban Af...
Budai Nagy Antal Revolt: Connexipedia Article
Transylvanian peasant revolt, of 1437, which was the only significant popular revolt in the Kingdom of Hungary prior to the great peasant war of 1514.
Camisard: Connexipedia Article
French Protestants (Huguenots) of the Cevennes region of south-central France who raised an insurrection against the persecutions which followed the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685.
Ciompi Revolt: Connexipedia Article
Was a popular revolt in late medieval Florence by wool carders known as ciompi, who rose up in 1378 to demand a voice in the commune's ordering.
Club War (Cudgel War): Connexipedia Article
A 1596 peasant uprising in the kingdom of Sweden against exploitation by nobility and military in what is today Finland.
The Commons and the Centennial of the Easter Rising
Linebaugh, Peter
A hundred years ago today in Dublin the Easter Rebellion commenced. This was an urban insurrection, in the revolutionary tradition. Not more than a thousand participated. It lasted five days, before t...
The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg, Volume I: Economic Writings 1
Luxemburg, Rosa (Edited by Peter Hudis
This first volume in Rosa Luxemburg's Complete Works, entitled Economic Writings 1, contains some of Luxemburg's most important statements on the globalization of capital, wage labour, imperialism, an...
Cornish Rebellion of 1497: Connexipedia Article
A popular uprising by the people of Cornwall in the far south west of Britain.
Crisis and Coup in Ecuador: Against The Current vol. 87
Meisch, Lynn A.
On January 21, 2000, for the first time since the Spanish conquest of Ecuador in A.D. 1533-34, indigenous people briefly -- very briefly -- ruled the country as part of a triumvirate. Frustrated by ov...
Croatian-Slovenian peasant revolt: Connexipedia Article
A large peasant revolt in today's Croatia and Slovenia in 1573.
Cry Hungary! Uprising 1956
Gadney, Reg
An account of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.
Dacke War: Connexipedia Article
A peasant uprising led by Nils Dacke in Småland, Sweden, in 1542 against the rule of Gustav Vasa.
Detroiters Remember the 1967 Rebellion: Kim D. Hunter interviews Ed Vaughn
Vaughn, Ed; Hunter, Kim D.
An interview with Ed Vaughn, an eyewitness observer of the 1967 Detroit rebellion, on the event, its causes and its impact on history.
Donghak Peasant Revolution: Connexipedia Article
Was an anti-government, anti-yangban and anti-foreign uprising in 1894.
Easter Rising: Connexipedia Article
An insurrection staged in Ireland during Easter Week, 1916.
Green Corn Rebellion: Connexipedia Article
Popular uprising against military conscription by poor farmers in Oklahoma aligned with the Socialist Party of America.
A History of the Barricade
Booth, William
The barricade is the iconic tactic of historic class struggles, and its history is engagingly explored in Hazan's history, finds William Booth.
HMS Hermione: Connexipedia Article
A frigate which underwent a mutiny in 1782 in which her commander and most of the officers killed.
Hussites: Connexipedia Article
A Christian movement following the teachings of Czech reformer Jan Hus (c. 1369-1415).
Indian Rebellion of 1857: Connexipedia Article
The Indian Rebellion of 1857 began as a mutiny of sepoys of the British East India Company's army on 10 May, 1857, in the town of Meerut, and soon erupted into other mutinies and civilian rebellions l...
Iraq: Guerrilla War in Sadr City: Against The Current vol. 114
Schwartz, Michael
In attacking first Najaf, then Tal Afar and Samarra, and finally tackling the center of Sunni resistance in Fallujah, the United States was seeking to reverse this process. But these attacks were not...
Jacquerie: Connexipedia Article
Was a popular revolt in late medieval Europe by peasants that took place in northern France in the summer of 1358.
Kengir uprising: Connexipedia Article
A prisoner uprising that took place in the Soviet prison labor camp Kengir in May and June 1954.
The Kronstadt Commune
Mett, Ida
A history of the Kronstadt Uprising 1921 which highlights one of the most important yet neglected events of the Russian Revolution. The suppression of the most revolutionary section of the Navy by the...
Libya: From Colony to Revolution
St John, Ronald Bruce
Provides the background to the Libyan revolution by discussing its history from colonization up through the 2011 rebellion/foreign intervention that ousted Mu'ammar al-Qadafi.
Maji Maji Rebellion: Connexipedia Article
A violent African resistance to colonial rule in the German colony of Tanganyika.
The Making of Jericho Road: Against The Current vol. 132
Williams, Charles
An interview with Michael Honey. The paperback edition of Michael Honey’s Going Down Jericho Road: The Memphis Strike, Martin Luther King’s Last Campaign is released this January 2008.
The Mass Strike, the Political Party and the Trade Unions
Luxemburg, Rosa
Luxemburg writes that "the mass strike in Russia [in 1905] has been realised not as means of evading the political struggle of the working-class, and especially of parliamentarism, not as a means of j...
Mazdak: Connexipedia Article
A proto-socialist Persian reformer.
Merthyr Rising 1831: Connexipedia Article
The violent climax to many years of simmering unrest among the large working class population of Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales and the surrounding area.
Midland Revolt: Connexipedia Article
A popular uprising which took place in the Midlands of England in 1607.
Mutiny: Connexipedia Article
An action members of a group of similarly-situated individuals (typically members of the military; or the crew of any ship, even if they are civilians) to openly oppose, change or overthrow an existin...
North-West Rebellion: Connexipedia Article
A brief and unsuccessful uprising by the Métis people of the District of Saskatchewan under Louis Riel against the Dominion of Canada, which they believed had failed to address their concerns for the ...
On Oil and Quicksand: Against The Current vol. 114
The Editors
The end of 2004 finds the Middle East sliding toward an even bloodier morass, thanks in large part to imperial and colonial arrogance which has rarely been on such open display.
Peasant revolt in Flanders 1323-1328: Connexipedia Article
A popular revolt in late medieval Europe. (1323-1328).
A People's History of the United States: 1492 - Present
Zinn, Howard
Zinn's history includes those most ignored by typical American textbook history, including Indians, blacks, women and workers.
Philippine revolts against Spain: Connexipedia Article
Revolts during the Spanish colonial period.
The Politics of Nonviolent Action: Part Two: The Methods of Nonviolent Action
Sharp, Gene
An encyclopedic treatment of the theory and practice of nonviolence, with a detailed examination of 198 specific methods of the technique — illustrated with actual cases — within the broad classes of ...
Pontiac's Rebellion: Connexipedia Article
A war launched in 1763 by a loose confederation of elements of Native American tribes primarily from the Great Lakes region, the Illinois Country, and Ohio Country who were dissatisfied with British p...
Popular revolt in late medieval Europe: Connexipedia Article
Popular revolts in late medieval Europe were uprisings and rebellions by (typically) peasants in the countryside, or the bourgeois in towns, against nobles, abbots and kings during the upheavals of th...
Port Chicago mutiny: Connexipedia Article
A refusal by servicemen to load munitions in 1944 in the face of unsafe working conditions which had led to an explosion the previous month in which 320 sailors had been killed.
Prussian uprisings: Connexipedia Article
Uprisings by the Prussians, one of the Baltic tribes, against the Teutonic Knights that took place in the 13th century.
Pugachev's Rebellion: Connexipedia Article
The principal revolt in a series of popular rebellions that took place in Russia after 1762.
Rebellion of the Remences: Connexipedia Article
A popular revolt in Catalongia against seignorial pressures that began in 1462.
Rebellions of 1837: Connexipedia: Article in the Canadian Encyclopedia
The Rebellions of 1837 took place in both Upper and Lower Canada. In lower Canada the rebellion was in large part an expression of a resurgent French Canadian nationalism. By comparison the Upper Cana...
Rebellions of 1837: Connexipedia Article
Canadian armed uprisings that occurred in 1837 and 1838.
Red River Rebellion: Connexipedia: Article in the Canadian Encyclopedia
Red River Rebellion (also known as Red River Resistance), a movement of national self-determination by the metis of the red river colony in what is now Manitoba, 1869-70. The inhabitants were continua...
Resistance and Rebellion: Lessons from Eastern Europe
Petersen, Roger D.
Looks at how ordinary people become involved in resistance and rebellion against powerful regimes.
Revolt of the Brotherhoods: Connexipedia Article
A revolt by artisan guilds against the government of King Charles I in the Kingdom of Valencia which lasted from 1521-1523.
Revolt of the Comuneros: Connexipedia Article
An uprising by citizens of Castile against the rule of Charles V and his administration between 1520 and 1521.
Revolutionary Centennial: Guyana's 1905 Rebellion: Against The Current vol. 114
Westmaas, Nigel
1905 was a landmark year in the history of Guyana, as it was for several places around the world. In Russia, the Tsar and his troops shot workers delivering a petition in St. Petersburg. In Bengal t...
List of revolutions and rebellions: Connexipedia Article
This is a list of revolutions and rebellions
St. George's Night Uprising: Connexipedia Article
A series of rebellions in 1343-1345 by the indigenous Estonian-speaking population of Northern and Western Estonia against rulers of foreign (mainly German) origin.
Scottish Insurrection of 1820: Connexipedia Article
A week of strikes and unrest, a culmination of Radical demands for reform in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
Shays' Rebellion: Connexipedia Article
An armed uprising in central and western Massachusetts from 1786 to 1787.
Shimabara Rebellion: Connexipedia Article
An uprising largely involving Japanese peasants, most of them Catholic Christians, in 1637-1638.
Slave rebellion: Connexipedia Article
An armed uprising by slaves.
Social Activist Grace Lee Boggs on Shaking Up the Status Quo in America
Grace Lee Boggs has been a part of almost every major movement in the United States in the last 75 years, including: Labor, Civil Rights, Black Power, Women’s Rights and Environmental Justice.
Spartacist uprising: Connexipedia Article
A general strike (and the armed battles accompanying it) in Germany from January 5 to January 12, 1919.
Spithead and Nore mutinies: Connexipedia Article
Major mutinies by sailors of the Royal Navy in 1797.
SS Columbia Eagle incident: Connexipedia Article
A mutiny that occurred aboard the American merchant vessel Columbia Eagle in March 1970 when crew members seized the vessel and sailed to Cambodia.
The Struggle for Quebec: Spokesman Pamphlet No. 13
Fekete, John
Essays analyzing class struggles in Quebec in, and leading up to, 1971.
Swing Riots: Connexipedia Article
A widespread uprising by the rural workers of the arable south and east of England in 1830. The rioters, largely impoverished and landless agricultural labourers, sought to halt reductions in their wa...
Third Servile War: Connexipedia Article
The last of a series of slave rebellions against the Roman Republic. (73-71 BC).
Virginia's Indentured Servants' Plot: Connexipedia Article
Servants' uprising over inadequate food.
Vorkuta uprising: Connexipedia Article
A major uprising of the concentration camp inmates in Vorkuta, Russia in July-August 1953.
Zanj Rebellion: Connexipedia Article
A series of revolts by some 500,000 slaves against their Muslim owners and rulers, 869-883 AD.

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Weep Not Child
Thiong'o, Ngugi Wa
The book follows the story of Njoroge, a young boy who seeks an education during the 1952-1960 Emergency in Kenya. This tumultuous time period saw the emergence of Kenyan revolutionary groups against ...