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The Hijacking of the Marianne by "The Pirates of the Mediterranean"
Arbuthnot, Felicity
In the early hours of the morning (local time) of June 29th, three Israeli Navy ships intercepted and hijacked a Swedish flagged ship, the Marianne av Göteborg on route to Gaza in the State of Palesti...
Israel Intercepts International Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla
Ayoub, Joey
The Israeli Navy has intercepted the Swedish boat "The Marianne", part of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, in International waters at 05:11 AM Gaza time (GMT +3) and forced it to redirect to the neares...
The Young Man Was: Part 1: United Red Army
Mohaiemen, Naeem
The start of a film trilogy that traces 1970s ultra left movements' turn to violence; Part One is based on the negotiations of the 1977 JAL hijacking, between the Japanese Red Army members on board th...