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A Letter from Nick Fillmore

I very much support the proposal to create a Connexions Archive at OISE.

As a print, radio and TV journalist, and author over the past 30 years, I frequently accessed the very valuable Connexions website when conducting research. I was able to obtain information concerning the background and history of social movements and related activities in Canada that were not available anywhere else.

I also have my own personal story concerning assistance I received from Connexions. Earlier this year, I wrote a series of articles that was critical of both corporate and independent media in Canada. A leading news website had agreed to run the whole series, but when one of the articles was mildly critical of their own operations, they refused to publish the rest of the series. A second news website, also discussed in the series, also refused to publish my opinions. I assure you that my opinions were not radical or slanderous. It was only when Connexions agreed to publish the rest of the articles that the information was made available to the Canadian public.

Should Connexions not be able to continue to do its important work, it would be a serious loss to the country.

Nick Fillmore
Journalist, former president Canadian Association of Journalists