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A Letter from Michael Riordon

Dear fellow citizen of the past/present,

I used to think of archives as dark, dusty chambers in which Important Documents were entombed until shredders were invented.

But over the past few decades, in my work as a writer, documentary-maker and oral historian, I’ve come to cherish archives for providing a richly detailed map of the terrain in which people’s current beliefs and actions are rooted. Without this map, we are lost.

Within the broader realm of archives, Connexions fills a unique, indispensable and ultimately dynamic role – documenting Canadian grassroots movements for social and environmental justice. Because these movements tend to be ignored or misrepresented in the mainstream present, they can fade too easily and irretrievably into oblivion. Connexions ensures that their legacy – a vital part of our shared legacy – remains alive and accessible.

But it can continue to be a living resource only as long as it has the essential foundations for life: shelter, nourishment, and a vital purpose. The first of these is a good home.

If you are in a position to do so, please provide a place for the Connexions Archive, a lively place where its contents can be both protected and well used.

The future will thank you.

All the best,

Michael Riordon