The Mediator's Handbook

Beer, Jennifer E.; with Stief, Eileen
Publisher:  New Society Publishers, Gabriola Island, Canada
Year First Published:  {16894 The Mediator's Handbook MEDIATORS HANDBOOK Beer, Jennifer E.; with Stief, Eileen New Society Publishers Gabriola Island Canada 1982 1997 168pp BC16894-MediatorsHandbook.jpg B Book 0-86571-359-6 - <br> <br> <br>Table of Contents <br> <br>Preface <br>Contributors <br> <br>Overview <br>The Mediation Process <br>Guiding Principles <br>Understanding Conflict <br>When Is Mediation Useful? <br>Sample Situations <br>The Mediator <br> <br>The Mediation Session <br>Preparation <br>Opening Statement <br>Uninterrupted Time <br>The Exchange <br>Separate Meetings <br>Setting the Agenda <br>Building the Agreement <br>Writing the Agreement <br>Closing Statement <br>Multiple Sessions <br>Wrap-Up <br> <br>Supporting The People <br>Your Mediator's Toolbox <br>Giving Good Attention <br>Acknowledging <br>Setting a Tone <br>Encouraging <br>Group Needs and Simple Language <br>Language and Hearing Difficulties <br>Avoid This Kettle of Fish <br>Confidentiality In Practice <br>Staying Impartial <br>Cultural Patterns <br>Emotionally Difficult Situations <br> <br>Controlling the Process <br>Directing <br>Should I Intervene? <br>Setting Boundaries & Groundrules <br>Summarizing <br>Restating <br>Confronting <br>Protecting <br>Is It Time to Quit? <br>When Things Get Out of Control <br> <br>Solving The Problem <br>Taking Notes <br>Asking the Right Questions <br>Negotiation Terms <br>Interests <br>Positions <br>Mediatable Issues <br>Reframing their Words <br>Eliciting Ideas <br>Exploring Alternatives <br>Testing for Agreement <br>Sample Agreements <br>When No Resolution is in Sight <br> <br>Informal Mediation <br>Mediating Formally <br>Processes for Intervening in Conflicts <br>Formal and Informal Mediator Roles <br>Should I be the Mediator? <br>Persuading Them to Mediate <br>Setting up a Mediation <br>Family Conflicts <br>Mediating with Children or Teenagers <br>Mediating in the Workplace <br> <br>Appendix <br>Procedures <br>Policies and Letter <br>Evaluation Forms <br>Bibliography <br>National Mediation Organizations <br>Mediation Training <br>About Friends Conflict Resolution Programs CX9220 1 false true false CX9220.htm [] Cx}
Year Published:  1997
Pages:  168pp   ISBN:  0-86571-359-6
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX9220


Table of Contents


The Mediation Process
Guiding Principles
Understanding Conflict
When Is Mediation Useful?
Sample Situations
The Mediator

The Mediation Session
Opening Statement
Uninterrupted Time
The Exchange
Separate Meetings
Setting the Agenda
Building the Agreement
Writing the Agreement
Closing Statement
Multiple Sessions

Supporting The People
Your Mediator's Toolbox
Giving Good Attention
Setting a Tone
Group Needs and Simple Language
Language and Hearing Difficulties
Avoid This Kettle of Fish
Confidentiality In Practice
Staying Impartial
Cultural Patterns
Emotionally Difficult Situations

Controlling the Process
Should I Intervene?
Setting Boundaries & Groundrules
Is It Time to Quit?
When Things Get Out of Control

Solving The Problem
Taking Notes
Asking the Right Questions
Negotiation Terms
Mediatable Issues
Reframing their Words
Eliciting Ideas
Exploring Alternatives
Testing for Agreement
Sample Agreements
When No Resolution is in Sight

Informal Mediation
Mediating Formally
Processes for Intervening in Conflicts
Formal and Informal Mediator Roles
Should I be the Mediator?
Persuading Them to Mediate
Setting up a Mediation
Family Conflicts
Mediating with Children or Teenagers
Mediating in the Workplace

Policies and Letter
Evaluation Forms
National Mediation Organizations
Mediation Training
About Friends Conflict Resolution Programs
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