The Russian Revolution

Luxemburg, Rosa

Year Published:  1961   First Published:  1918
Pages:  108pp  
Dewey:  320.5322
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7986

The basic lesson of every great revolution, the law of its being, decrees: either the revolution must advance at a rapid, stormy, resolute tempo, break down all barriers with an iron hand and place its goals ever farther ahead, or it is quite soon thrown backward behind its feeble point of departure and suppressed by counter-revolution. To stand still, to mark time on one spot, to be contented with the first goal it happens to reach, is never possible in revolution. And he who tries to apply the home-made wisdom derived from parliamentary battles between frogs and mice to the field of revolutionary tactics only shows thereby that the very psychology and laws of existence of revolution are alien to him.


Table of Contents:
Fundamental Signifcance of the Russian Revolution
The Bolshevik Land Policy
The Nationalities Question
The Constituent Assembly
The Question of Suffrage
The Problem of Dictatorship
The Struggle Against Corruption
Democracy and Dictatorship

Subject Headings

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