Double Standard
The Secret History of Canadian Immigration

Whitaker, Reg
Publisher:  Lester and Orpen Dennys, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1987
Pages:  348pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7097

A focused examination of the right-wing political bias and dishonesty that has charecterized Canada's post-war immigration and refugee policies. Policies were profoundly influenced by the Cold War. The RCMP served as the chief screening instrument, relying heavily on the American-Counter Intelligence Corps which was cooperating closely with the Gehlen group staffed by ex-Nazis. While belonging to a Communist party was grounds for exclusion being an ex-Nazi as early as 1950 was no longer regarded as such. The acceptance of 60,000 "boat" people was applauded by Canadians because they were fleeing Communist opression but the efforts of a few thousand Central Americans were stymied by two repressive refugee bills because they were fleeing the "oppression of our side". Whitacker grants that Canada is a safe haven of peace and freedom but only to those who are ideologically correct.

Subject Headings

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