Turn Signals are the Facial Expressions of Automobiles

Norman, Donald A.
Publisher:  Addison Wesley
Year Published:  1992
Pages:  205pp   Price:  $28.95   ISBN:  0-201-58124-8
Library of Congress Number:  T47.N67 1992   Dewey:  600--dc20
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6615

Norman looks at design and technology from the point of view of human needs.


Table of Contents
Chapter notes and book design

I go to a sixth grade play
Design follies
The home magazine kitchen
Refrigerator doors and message centers
High-Technology gadgets
The teddy
How long is noon?
Real time
Nature's packaging
Evolution versus design
Turn signals are the facial expressions of automobiles
Book jackets and science
Brain power
Hofstadter's law
One chance in a million
Coffee cups in the cockpit
Writing as design, design as writing
Chapter notes

Subject Headings

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