Revolutionary Nonviolence
Essays by Dave Dellinger

Dellinger, Dave
Publisher:  Doubleday Anchor Book, New York, USA
Year Published:  1971   First Published:  1970
Pages:  490pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6536

Dellinger says that "those of us who oppose the violence of the status quo and reject the violence of armed revolt and class hatred bear a heavy responsibility to struggle existentially to provdew nonviolent alternatives." Dellinger's essays attempt to explore those alternatives.


Table of Contents


Part One: World War II
1. Introduction
2. Statement on Entering Prison
3. Declaration of War
4. Adolf Eichmann and Claude Eatherly

Part Two: The War Against Vietnam
5. Political Realism and Moral Disaster
6. North Vietnam: Eyewitness Report
7. Vietnam and the International Liberation Front
8. Report from the International War Crimes Tribunal
9. The New United States Strategy in Vietnam
10. New Urgency on Vietnam

Part Three: Cuba and China
11. Cuba: America's Lost Plantation
12. A 20th Century Revolution?
13. Cuba: Seven Thousand Miles from Home
14. Cuban Contradictions
15. Cuba: The Revolutionary Society
16. Report from Revolutionary Chine

Part Four: Violence, Nonviolence, and the Movement
17. Why Were the Rosenbergs Killed?
18. Communists in the Antiwar Movement
19. Gandhi's Heirs
20. The Black Rebellions
21. The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
22. The Warren Report
23. The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
24. An Integrated Peace Walk Through Georgia
25. Ten Days in Jail
26. The 1964 Elections - A Trap
27. Not Enough Love
28. Toward Revolutionary Humanism
29. Escalation in the Antiwar Movement
30. The Fort Hood Three
31. Gandhi and Guerrilla - The Protest at the Pentagon
32. The Future of Nonviolence

Part Five: The Chicago Convention and After
33. The Aims
34. The Lessons
35. Where Things Stand Now
36. Statement Before Sentencing on Anti-Riot Conviction

Subject Headings

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