The Making of a Counter Culture

Roszak, Theodore
Publisher:  Anchor
Year Published:  1969
Pages:  303pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6367

Roszak examines some of the leading influences on the youthful counter culture of the late 1960s - Herbert Marcuse and Norman Brown, Allen Ginsberg and Alan Watts, Timothy Leary and Paul Goodman -- and shows how each has helped call into question the conventional scientific world view and in so doing has set about undermining the foundations of the technocracy.


Table of Contents


I. Technocracy's Children
II. An Invasion of Centaurs
III. The Dialectics of Liberation: Herbert Marcuse and Norman Brown
IV. Journey to the East.. and Points Beyond: Allen Ginsberg and Alan Watts
V. The Counterfeit Infinity: The Use and Abuse of Psychedelic Experience
VI. Exploring Utopia: The Visionary Sociology of Paul Goodman
VII. The Myth of Objective Consciousness
VIII. Eyes of Flesh, Eyes of Fire

Appendix: Objectivity Unlimited
Bibliographical Notes

Subject Headings

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