Karl Marx: Selected Writings in Sociology and Social Philosophy

Bottomore, T.B.; Rubel, Maximilien (eds.)
Publisher:  Pelican
Year Published:  1961   First Published:  1956
Pages:  272pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6347

A selection of Marx's writings intended to present the evolution of his ideas, the main features of his mothod, and the chief conclusions of his research.


Table of Contents:

Marx's Sociology and Social Philosophy
The Influence of Marx's Sociological Thought

Part One: Methodological Foundations
The Materialist Conception of History
Existence and Consciousness
Society, Social Relations, and the Economic Structure

Part Two: Pre-Capitalist Societies
Forms of Property and Modes of Production
Economic Structure, Social Stratification, and Political Systems

Part Three: Sociology of Capitalism
The Origins and Development of Capitalism
The Social System of Capitalism
The Ideology of Capitalism
Capitalism and Human Alienation
Social Classes and Class Conflict
Marx's Enquete Ouvriere

Part Four: Sociology of Politics
The State and Law
Dynamics of Revolution

Part Five: Future Society

Selected Biography

Subject Headings

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