The Socialist League and the Struggle for a Socialist Canada
Publisher:  Socialist League
Year Published:  1974
Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX5376

The Socialist League is a democratic centralist organization which views its main tasks as gathering cadres for the future mass revolutionary party.

The revolutionary left, in a state of disunity and discord, has failed to develop a successful strategy to reach the mass of Canadian workers. The crisis of leadership in the workers' movement and in the revolutionary left has meant that most Canadians look upon the NDP as the only practical alternative to the rule of big business. The NDP?not the organizations of the radical left?constitutes the only mass, organized, political expression of the aspirations of Canadian workers for independent working-class political action today and for some time to come.

The NDP, however, is dominated by a liberal-reformist leadership which is parliamentarist and opportunist. This leadership, although capable of moving to the left under mass pressure, has the limited perspective of reforming a system which cries out for replacement.

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