The New Age Community Guidebook
Alternative Choices in Lifestyles

Publisher:  Harbin Springs Publishing, Middletown CA 95461, USA
Year Published:  1989  
Pages:  128pp   Price:  $7.95   ISBN:  0-944202-03-9
Book Type:  Directories
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX4531

Abstract:  This alternative lifestyle guide contains a directory of over 200 rural, urban, and religious communities with the names, addresses and a short description of each. Thirty-two longer descriptions of specific communities in the USA and a few in Canada appear along with needed information on joining and living in such a community. Another section includes available resources such as educational centres and relevant books.
Several distinguishing features of this New Age movement are a global consciousness which uses understanding and respect, rather than confrontation. Respect for and work with existing authorities by providing a complementary vision promotes a <169>being for life<170> rather than against something.
In bringing spiritual values to physical concerns, some 3000 communal living situations survive in North America. Networks such as the Federation of Egalitarian Communities have formed and provide mutual benefits for its members. The community spirit generated helps in creating a needed global cooperation.

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