Post box rates hiked

Year Published:  1990  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX4085

Abstract:  Canada Post Corporation has imposed massive increases for the rental of post office boxes. The smallest size of box will go from $26.20 a year to $50 a year, with larger boxes ranging from $80 to $200. Canada Post justifies the huge increase by stating that "all Canadian households and businesses have access to one free method of mail delivery". However, this is clearly not true for small non-profit associations, one of the most frequent users of postal boxes. Citizen groups and small publications which are too small to have their own office space frequently have no viable alternative to using a post office box. Using the home address of an individual member is usually undesirable because members often move and because of security considerations in the case groups that may attract "crackpot" opponents, such as feminist groups.
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