Style Sheets for Technical Documents
A Guide to Advanced Designs for Xerox Ventura Publisher

Canfield, Byron and Canty, Chad
Publisher:  New Riders Publishing
Year Published:  1988  
Price:  $39.95   ISBN:  ISBN 0-934035-29-6
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3975

Abstract:  Ventura Publisher is one of the most popular `desktop publishing' computer programs, used by many organizations to create their own printed materials. This book -- and the accompanying computer diskette -- contain a number of `style sheets' for a variety of manuals and documents. Since designing a good-looking publication is time-consuming even with the help of a computer, these style sheets would represent a tremendous saving of time for anyone preparing such documents. (They also tend to look better than many of those prepared by less experienced users.) Also included are some useful tips for getting more out of the Ventura program.
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