Maximum Gifts by Return Mail

Kuniholm, Roland
Publisher:  Fund-Raising Institute, Ambler, PA 19002-0065 USA, USA
Year Published:  1989
Pages:  262pp   ISBN:  ISBN 0-930807-08-1
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3967

Excellent book on direct mail fundraising.

Non-profit organizations can be forgiven for wondering whether they are really in the business or providing a service or advocating for a cause, or whether they are really in the fundraising business. Since most of us are in the fundraising business at least to some extent, we might as well learn how to do it well. One of the most prevalent, if controversial, aspects of fundraising is direct mail, also known as junk mail. This book explains how to write and design direct mail letters and accompanying materials that work. Lots of examples, with commentaries, are included. This is a first-rate textbook of the subject, but the writing and presentation are highly readable. If you want to know what questions to ask before writing your fundraising letter, or you want to know what are the letter-writing `sins' to avoid, you ought to have this book sitting at your elbow before you ship out your next mailing of 10,000 "Dear friend" letters.

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