Guideposts for a Sustainable Future
Tools for Environmental Recovery - videotape

Nickerson, Mike; Mully, George
Publisher:  Guideposts, Merrickville, Canada
Year Published:  1990  
Book Type:  Videotape

Resource Type:  Film/Video
Cx Number:  CX3888

Abstract:  Guideposts for a Sustainable Future is a multi-media kit which provides an introduction to the challenge of achieving environmental sustainability. The Guideposts kit consists of includes a 23-minute video, a 200-page book, and an introductory discussion format. The kit attempts to find answers to the question "Can we find a way to live now that will also allow coming generations to live healthy, fulfilling lives?" Available from Guideposts, Box 374, Merrickville, Ontario K0G 1N0. The price varies from $35 for members to $100 for institutions. Guideposts has a rather bizarre approach to pricing: those who already agree with Guideposts for a Sustainable Future, and who are willing to sign a form stating that they do, can order the kits at 50 per cent off the retail price, while those who don't know whether they agree or not have to pay full price. These people clearly place more priority on preaching to the converted than on reaching out to those who still need to be persuaded.
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