Working Together For Change: Women's Self-Help Education Kit

Publisher:  Women's Self-help Network
Year Published:  1987   First Published:  1984
ISBN:  0-919537-11-1
Book Type:  Handbooks/Manuals

Library of Congress Number:  HQ1885.W67 1984  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3265

Abstract:  WORKING TOGETHER FOR CHANGE: WOMEN'S SELF-HELP EDUCATIONAL KIT includes one manual of exercies, one of sample courses for groups working on change or counselling, one fortraining facilitators, and a handbook on working collectively.

The collective believes that each of us can be effective in helping to create a world that works better for us all. By starting with our own experiences and reflectings on them we learn. By working together, determining a common issue, learning creative problem solving skills, and developing awareness and tools for maintaining healthy group dynamics, we will be able to make positive changes in our lives and those of our communities.

The primary goal of the collective is to empower groups and individuals by sharing tools to help them idenfity and take action on central issues in their lives/communities. They have special interest in women's, native, and community action groups.

WORKING TOGETHER FOR CHANGE is a very comprehensive set of materials covering a broad range of tipics including:
- How to facilitate groups
- Basic Facilitation tools
- Popular education techniques and how to use them
- How to set up a course
- Women Changing
- Peer Counselling
- Biases and Assumptions
- Communications Skills
- Assertivesness
- Community Organizing
- Dealing iwth Conflict
- Training One-On-One

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