Misguided Missiles:
Canada, The Cruise and Star Wars

Year Published:  1987  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX3240

Abstract:  Over athe past two decades, the Soviet Union and the United States have reached agreement on a variety of measures relating to disarmament and armes control. Yet in spite of these, the world is now finding itself in an increasingly precarious state. The nuclear war thought likely to happen by accident or miscalculations now seems more apt to occur by design. This is largely a result of shifts in American military strategy -- from Mutaual Assured Destruciton to nuclear war-fighting scenarios.

In MISGUIDED MISSLES, Simon Rosenblum looks at what this means for Canadians.

He examines the implications of the Strategic Defeince Initiative (SDI), cruise missiles, and arm control. Rosenblum notes Canadas' present invovlement in U.S. nuclear plans that is, testing cruise missiles, modernization of the DEW line, and Canada's participation in active air defence, and the linkage of the New North Warning System to Star Wars. Rosenblum concludes that although Canada is a "strategically minor" partner, it is because of its political importance in an ideal position to make such moves as would encourage the U.S. government to rethink its military policy.

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