First Choice: Essential Reading On Peace and Disarmamment

Year Published:  1986  
Book Type:  Bibliographies

Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX3173

A two-page pamphlet from Library and Information Workers for Peace listing "essential materials on the peace movement."

Abstract:  The objectives of LIBRARY AND INFORMATION WORKERS FOR PEACE are to provide a vehicle for library and other information workers to participate in peace activities, to ensure that up-to-date and alternative information on peace and disarmament is readily available to the public, and to co-operate with other peace groups through local umbrella networks.

In folded two-page pamphlet, the group lists what it calls, "essential materials on the peace movement"
published up to 1983. these are:
- 24 books -- seven published in Canada, 10 in United States, six in England, and one in Japan.
- nine periodicals- - six Canadian and three American.
- Five films, including two by Canada's National Film Board
- Five Toronto-based peace groups.
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