Information concerning the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Bill C-9

Year Published:  1984
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX2965

This information package was compiled in order to pount out the extent of the powers and practices of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), it connections to foreign state agencies, and methods to survive and resist under the new legislation.
The articles included in the package are: "The Work Ethic and the Western Dream," by Gerry Hannah from Writings of the Vancouver 5; "Secret Counter-Insurgency Conference,"; "FBI Train Canadian Police"; "Turning on the Tap:Some Techniques of Witrtapping: from the CLASP Bulletin;"Open Season on Privacy," by Francis J. Flaherty, and "Reach Out and Bug Someone," by Keenan Peck, published by the Progressive; "Tomato Hurlers to get Pasted?", published in B.C. Blackout; "'re on candid camera"; "It's Legal"; "Cop Speak"; "Bill C-9." by Robert Kaplan with commentary by the Counter-Surveillance Information Services; "Citizens Against State Surveillance"; excerpts form a CBC series entitled "Dissent and Subversion"; and "Paranoia and Precautions," by the Counter-Surveillance Information Service.
Bill C-9 established the CSIS, a "national security" police force, similar in many respects to such organizations as the FBI or KGB. Policing organizations such as these co-operate on a national level (with other branches involved in investigations) and on an internnational level.
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