Dandelion Community
Organization profile published 1983

Year Published:  1983  
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2809

Abstract:  Dandelion is an intentional community in southeastern rural Ontario.About a dozen residents share living space and major goods, income and expenses, living on 50 acres of land. Dedicated to the ideals of co-operation,non-violence,egalitarianism, and harmony with the natural environment, the community was inspired by B.F. Skinner's novel Walden Two.
Its members believe that "problems of injustice, exploitation, and aggression are the result of social and environmental conditions, not an unchangeable "human nature".We believe that human behaviour, just like other natural events, is lawful; that our future behaviour is strongly controlled by the consequences of our past and present behaviour,and that we shape our environment and our behaviour so that people can be happy. We concentrate on using positive reinforcement, emphasizing the things we like in our daily lives rather than those we don't like,to strengthen our happy, peaceful, and cooperative behaviour, and to create an environment where we can work joyfully for ourseves and for something in which we believe."
Since its establishment in the late 1970s,DANDELION has supported itself by means of a tinnery (recycling tin cans into candle and plant holders,lamps,etc.) and by handweaving rope chairs and harmmocks.The community grows its own food and has auto repair and woodworking shops.
Work is shared through a labour credit system designed to distribute work fairly and to ensure that each member has access to enjoyable work and opportunities to learn new skills. Major decisions are made by majority vote, but most day-to-day decisions are made by managers and committees.
To make its aims better known, members publish a newsletter, operate a mail order book service, speak to school groups,conduct workshops on communal living and social change,and hold an annual summer conference on communities. Visitors are welcome;advance bookings are recommended and a small fee is requested,refundable to the extent of a visitor's participation in the community's labour system. Potential members are asked to visit for at least three weeks, before being invited to join the community for a six-month provisional period. No financial contribution is required during this period.

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