Plans/Meganews Special Supplement

Year Published:  1982  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX2662

Abstract:  PLANS is a monthly newspaper published by the Community Planning Association of Canada (CPAC), Nova Scotia Divsion. It includes a monthly update of CPAC's activities, feature articles, and upcoming events.

'PLANS' May 1982 issue contained the first "Meganews Special Supplement." A lead article points out that "most mega projects are energy projects aimed at achieving the National Energy Program (NEP) goal of Canadian self-suffiiciency in oil by1990." The NEP says: "As for opportunity, the Atlantic Region, long disadvantaged in a number of ways, stands on the verge of an economic boom - oil and gas, electricity and coal - that could provide the basis for new sustainable prsperity." The supplements are aimed at raising questions and concerns about mega projects, to present information, and to share viewpoints and opinions.

One article in the supplement, "No Room in the Boom", focusses on the growing housing shortage in Nova Scotia. The influx of mega projects will be accompanied by an influx of many people which Nova Scotia in general, and Halifax in particular, are ill-prepared to meet. A desirable apartment vacancy rate is 3 - 4 per cent, but at the end of October 1981, CMCH estimated a 0.5 per cent vacancy rate in the Metro area in apartment buildings, with six units or more. They also pointed out that: "due to the lead time necessary in construction apartment buildings, it will be several years before the vacancy situation eases in tthe Metropolitan area." Furthermore, there has been significant drop in the number of semi detached, duplex and row starts, was well as an "alarming" drop in the number of apartment unit starts. CMHC'S NOVA SCOTIA QUARTERLY REVIEW for February, 1982 suggest that there will be "a narrowing of the gap between the costs of home ownership and rental, through rental increases escalating at a higher than home ownership costs.

Another article "Tenants Organize in Boomtown" discusses the upswing in organized tenant activities. The Metro Area Tentants Union (MATU) was recently formed, and represents over 75,000 tenants.

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