The Body Politic
Gay Liberation Journal

Year Published:  1977  
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Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX264

Serious tabloid foucsing on political and social issues related to the gay struggle in Canada and in other countries.

Abstract:  This is a serious tabloid written for a gay audience and presenting a variety of national and local news items. Features focus on political and social issues related to the gay struggle here and in other countries. This 5th anniversary issue has a special issue outlining the history of the journal. In an article, "Quebec: Five Years of the Movement," Ron Dayman reflects back on the development of a gay male movement in Montreal and Quebec City. Polarities of culture and ideologies have dominated that history. The gay movement reflects the influence of a society where an English minority controls most of the real power and where ideoloy plays a major role in shaping events. The gay movement was initially Francophone. Only in 1972 did anything anglophone, such as Gay McGill appear, on the scene. A bookstore and drop-in followed. When an umbrella group was envisioned, francophones then outnumbered, walked out. Gay Montreal struggled along for a year or two before collapsing. Lessons learned, gays have moved forward to recognise the need for clearly defined directions. In the francophone sector, CHAL and CHUM represented an essentially political venture. Nevertheless they have prepared a brief on legal arguments for gay civil rights. Their lobby climaxed with an appearance before the Justice Committee of the National Assembly in 1975. It failed. Lack of interest in the gay movement by separatists is noted. The Olympics was the occasion for a police crackdown on gay establishments. This kind of repression has only strengthened the movement.

A 16 page supplement contains literary review including a long review of a biography of G. Markland, a 19th century homosexual in Toronto. It provides the occasion for an examination of 19th century attitudes.

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