BriarPatch: Saskatchewan's independent monthly newsmagazines
Periodical profile published 1982

Year Published:  1982  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX2583

Abstract:  This magazine is published by BRIARPATCH Incorporated, an independent, non-profit organization. The goals of BRIARPATCH are:

- to publish a magazine and other educational materials covering issues of concerns and interest to
disadvantaged and working people;

- to help fill the need for free expression and access to the press by working and disadvantaged people
to identify their common ground and develop united strategies based on mutual concerns;

- to build coaltions with groups around various issues as they are determined from time to time by the
board, and ;

- to undertake or organize other educational projects or activities as determined from time to time by
the board. (From the By-Laws of the Briarpatch Society).

Memberships in BRIARPATCH is open to individuals and groups who apply and pay a fee of $1.

The magazine regularly covers a number of local, national, and international issues through news reports and commentary. For example, the April, 1982 edition contains news stories on the Saskatchewan election, the Crow Rate dispute, conditions at the Regina Correctional Institute, and the recent annual meeting of the Saskatchewan Association of Non-Governmental Social Service Agencies (SANGSSA) as well as the growth in peace movements, the Montreal transit strike, and corporate use of information on Workmen's Compensation claims. Feature articles examine the Moral Majority Inc. U.S. policy in Latin America, the Vancouver Women's Health Collective, and the failures of Canada Employment in job creation.

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