Forget It Jack

Publisher:  S.E.I.U., Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1974  
Pages:  23min   Price:  $20 (rental)  
Resource Type:  Film/Video
Cx Number:  CX247

Film documenting the reasons for a strike at the Norfolk General Hospital in Simcoe, Ontario.

Abstract:  This film was produced by Local 220 of the Service Employees International Union to generate support for their struggles with the Board of the Norfold General Hospital in Simcoe, Ontario. This hospital workers' local went on strike to "catch up" with the wages and benefits of the private sector. After winning their demands through an eleven day strike, the workers were faced with a court case. The Hospital Board, prosecuted the Union and the Local president for violating Bill 41, which denies hospital workers the right to strike.

"Forget It Jack" shows the reasons for the strike and the solidarity and support received from the community; it is a rousing call for support of the right to strike. The film proved a useful tool in generating support - resolutions, demonstrations - for Local 220. Their day in court brought a mixed victory; the Local president was acquited, but the union fined $1,500. The token fine keeps the door open for future attacks on the right of hospital workers to strike, and has spurred a province wide campaign against Bill 41.

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