How to Watch TV News

Postman, Neil; Powers, Steve
Publisher:  Penguin
Year First Published:  {54759 How to Watch TV News HOW TO WATCH TV NEWS Postman, Neil; Powers, Steve Penguin 1992 2008 178pp CP54759-HowToTV.jpg B Book 978-0-14-311377-5 PN4888.T4P558 2008 070.4'3--dc22 CX24205 1 false true false CX24205.htm [] Cx}
Year Published:  2008
Pages:  178pp   ISBN:  978-0-14-311377-5
Library of Congress Number:  PN4888.T4P558 2008   Dewey:  070.4'3--dc22
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX24205

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