On Movement and Freedom
Tales of Enduring Transience

Hashemi, Gita
Publisher:  ExIsle Creations
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX23026

Canada-based artist Gita Hashemi embarks on a ground journey from Germany to Greece along the so-called "Balkan route." In this written account Hashemi meets with others who are also on the move, as well as artists and activists who support freedom of movement and refugee rights. It is part of an art project called "On the Move" about freedom of movement.



Of some 850,000 refugees who've arrived in Germany, over 50,000 have already been deported. But more are coming every day. In some areas, they've been housed in school gyms. That has angered some parents because their kids are not getting physical education. In the last elections, the far right Pegida Party won 12% of the votes. Christmas music fills the air. So does tension. I can feel it emanating from people.
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