Bounty Hunters
A clandestine war on wolves

Miller, Jeremy
Publisher:  Harper's Magazine
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22975

The centuries old killing of wolves has extirpated the species throughout most of the United States, yet there remains a strong anti-wolf lobby which continues to threaten even a modest recovery.



"Quick, shoot it!" Blackburn called out. Hansen, a trained marksman, took aim through a high-magnification scope attached to his .22-caliber rifle. He had a clear line of sight - an animal weighing close to ninety pounds was stalking through the low vegetation, about 175 yards away. He squeezed the trigger, and a sharp report rang through the valley. The mass of fur slumped to the ground. Hansen and Blackburn rushed up the hill, their footfalls muffled by the snow, and found the animal still breathing. Later, the two men would claim that they believed they had shot at a coyote. But in fact the creature at their feet was a gray wolf. One of the men - it's not clear which - retrieved a pistol and shot the animal twice in the head. Only then did they notice its large paws and blocky snout; they also took note of the ungainly radio collar around its neck.
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