Australia: Worst drought ever, but don't mention climate change!

Price, Susan
Date Written:  2018-08-11
Publisher:  Climate & Capitalism
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22875

Despite record drought conditions in Australia and the numerous climate related disasters around the globe, the Australian goverment still refuses to acknowledge human-induced climate change.



National Party Senator Barnaby Joyce, who represents the drought-stricken region of New England, told Sky News that same day that the drought is "a natural disaster" and that lowering emissions will have no effect on climate change: "Do you honestly believe what we do in Canberra is going to change the climate? It's not."

Littleproud and Joyce's denialism is just latest example from a government refusing to take serious action to prevent runaway climate change. Their reasoning: It's not human induced, therefore there is nothing humans can or need to do to prevent it getting worse. Convenient lies from a government aligned to the big fossil fuel and mining interests.

This political alignment means the government is limited to just tinkering around the edges of the climate crisis - for example, releasing a pitiful drought relief package, while cutting funding to land-care programs, or insisting states sign up to a National Energy Guarantee that will hand over responsibility for COs emissions reductions to the energy providers.

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