A brief dictionary to help understand the US far right

Date Written:  2017-10-17
Publisher:  Al Jazeera
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22673

A break down of some of the most important phrases, terms and numerology that are used by the far right online.



Cultural Enrichment: A term used ironically to refer to the problems white supremacists, racists and others on the far right view as integral to immigration.

"Cultural enrichment" is often used to refer to crimes like rape or robbery when the suspect or assailant is from a religious or ethnic minority group.

Cultural Marxism: A catch-all label that the far right uses for most things they oppose, such as gender equality, anti-racism, support for Muslims' civil rights and Affirmative Action.

"Cultural Marxism" has its roots in an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory which purports that Jewish Marxists from the Frankfurt School attempted to use leftist political ideology to undermine American society.
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