Vancouver Island Coalition for Disarmament
Organization profile published 1981

Publisher:  The Vancouver Island Coalition for Disarmament (VICD), Victoria, Canada
Year Published:  1981  
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2228
Inactive/Defunct Organization
Abstract:  The Vancouver Island Coalition for Disarmament (VICD) is an association of 14 groups interested in peace through disarmament. This Coalition together with other concerned citizens (and the Coalition for Disarmament, Vancouver) works to initiate, promote and coordinate programs of peace, research and action.

VICD aims to support activities of its member groups without restricting them and tries to avoid duplication and overlapping by acting as a clearing house.

The Coalition was formed in 1978 to help increase public awareness of the united nations Special Session on Disarmament. VICD has continued since then; it considers mutual (and immediate ) disarmament to be the only real alternative to mutual destruction.

In its brochure the Coalition quotes a specialist in medical physics who claims that "those who profit from technology at the expense of people are suffering from a lust for power, a malfunction of the survival instinct". The brochure also states that Canadian taxpayers support an annual Canadian military budget of $5 billion. Some of this money goes to support the export of Canadian arms aboard. VICD sees the export of arms to the Third World as particularly tragic because "The gigantic investment in armaments at the service of war could be changed into investments for food at the service of life".

In August, 1980, the Coalition collaborated with the Nanaimo and Comox Valley VICD activities during Disarmament Week of prayer for peace, vigils, a UN flag raising ceremony, a display at a shopping center and a film-showing at the University where a student Peace and Disarmament Club was formed.

The Coalition is also associated with Project Ploughshares, the Canadian Peace Research Institute and the Peace Tax Fund Campaign.

This organization no longer exists.
This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1981.

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