What 'News' Media in U.S. And Allied Countries Never Report

Zuesse, Eric
Date Written:  2018-02-09
Publisher:  countercurrents.org
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22021

Newsmedia effectively ban reporting corruptness of newsmedia -- even of media that stand on the opposite side of the political divide.



Each of the mainstream 'news'media is funded by (and advertises) the corporations of billionaires and centi-millionaires (the people who control all of the large corporations and virtually all of the media). These people's corporations advertise in, and donate to those media, and those mega-business-owners don't want the public to know that all of the mainstream (and many even of the non-mainstream) 'news'media are actually propaganda-agencies for what those super-rich want to happen (their governmental agendas). They not only advertise so that you will buy their products and services, but they also report -- and exclude from reporting -- so that you will vote for their politicians who will impose their governmental agenda in this 'democracy', and will vote against their opponents. This is the governmental control-system (which is proven and explained -- and shown to function in the U.S.A., by that link to 'democracy').

A good example of this phenomenon is the way that the Nunes Memo (about 'Russiagate' & Trump), which was released on Friday February 3rd, has been covered in all of the 'news'media.
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