1917: The View from the Streets #9 - Petrograd Soviet: 'World's workers must join to achieve peace'

Allen, Barbara (Selection, translation, and annotation)

Publisher:  Links
Date Written:  27/03/2017
Year Published:  2017   First Published:  1917
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21802

One hundred years ago today, on March 27 (14), 1917, the Petrograd Soviet issued the following appeal "To the Peoples of the World," calling for a restoration of workers' unity in the cause of peace.



The moderate socialists who dominated the Petrograd Soviet until September 1917 pursued a policy of "revolutionary defensism," which advocated defending Russia and its revolution against German aggression while calling upon European socialists to pressure their governments to bring about peace.

This policy toward the war would not be consistently defined until the return from Siberian exile of Tsereteli and other Menshevik leaders on April 2 (March 20), 1917. Therefore, the document below reflects the views in the Soviet at a time when moderate socialists were still open to making concessions to their radical counterparts regarding the Soviet's position on the war and other issues. Discussions in the Soviet were crucial to the realignment of leftist forces that occurred in the wake of the February Revolution.
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