Sex in Schools
Canadian Education & Sexual Regulation

Prentice, Susan
Publisher:  Lorimer
Year Published:  1994  
Pages:  158pp   ISBN:  9780921908197
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX21733

With an introduction by Susan Prentice, this anthology provides insights into how Canadian schools have sought to regulate and discipline sexuality.


Table of contents:

Susan Prentice

Chapter One
"Don't Judge Us Too Quick": Writing About Teenage Girls and Sex
Susan Belyea and Karen Dubinsky

Chapter Two
Queer Selves/Queer in Schools: Young Men and Sexualities
Blye Frank

Chapter Three
Sex at the Board or Keeping Children From Sexual Knowledge
Mary Louise Adams

Chapter Four
Opening the Classroom Closet: Dealing with Sexual Orientation at the Toronto Board of Education
John Campey, Tim McCaskell, John Miller and Vanessa Russell

Chapter Five
"Illicit" Sexuality and Public Education, 1840-1907
Bruce Curtis

Chapter Six
High School Confidential
Ellen James

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