While US, North Korea Both Make Threats, Only One Has Killed Millions of the Other's People

Higgins, Eoin
Date Written:  2017-09-27
Publisher:  Fair.org
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21667

Despite bombastic threats from both the Unites States and North Korea, the mainstream media plays down the simple fact that it is North Korea that is isolated and facing overwhelming military superiority.


Excerpt: Though North Korea surely provides excuses for bombastic rhetoric and threats from America, the power differential is obvious to anyone who is paying attention to the tensions between the two countries. The US controls the majority of the earth's oceans, has military bases in over 70 countries, and possesses enough firepower to destroy the world many times over. By contrast, North Korea has an antiquated military (regardless of its large number of soldiers) and essentially one powerful ally in China—a country that just this week joined the US in imposing economic sanctions on North Korea.
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