Project Ploughshares
Organization profile published 1981
Publisher:  Conrad Grebel College, Waterloo, Canada
Year Published:  1981
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2130

This group encourages Canadians to examine the causes and consequences of Canadian military policies and Canada's participation in global militarism. The following question are central to the project's research and education work:

- What are the economic and social consequences of military spending?
- To what extent does militarism contribute to the violation of human rights?
- What is the impact of militarism on the environment?
- What is the relationship between nuclear power technology and the spread of nuclear weapons?
- Is the build-up of huge military arsenals an effective mean of ensuring national security or are there alternative non-violent ways of strengthening national security?

Project Ploughshares publishes a bi-monthly newsletter which provides news about Canadian military policies, the arms trade with the Third World, disarmament and development and the superpower arms race, along with information about the search for alternatives.

The project participates in a variety of education conferences, seminars and workshops which inform the public about alternatives to present government policies. Special working groups are organized to develop education programs on particular themes. Regional Ploughshares study groups are also organized to co-ordinate local initiatives within the churches and other community groups.

This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1981.

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