Dump the Guardian!


Date Written:  14/05/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20842

The Guardian has spent the last two years relentlessly attacking Jeremy Corbyn. Only recently has it changed its tune, perhaps worried that it has alienated too many readers. Corbyn's success has been despite the Guardian and the rest of the corporate media. The Guardian will now want readers to forget its propaganda war on Corbyn. We've compiled this list so they don't. Dump the Guardian!



The Guardian didn't get it "wrong". It is the mouthpiece of a liberal elite that is financially endangered by a socialist program. - Matt Kennard, investigative journalist (@KennardMatt)

As we've said, if change begins anywhere, it begins with challenging, unmasking, and exposing corporate media, and developing alternatives. - Media Lens, media analysts (@medialens)

Very significant that 25% of all adults (12.8m) defied near-total elite media onslaught and voted for Corbyn. Propaganda must become key issue. - Mark Curtis, British historian (@markcurtis30)

Would Corbyn have done even better without the Guardian spreading its bile? We think so.

Dump the Guardian!
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